Things You Didn’t Know About Valencia


Valencia is one of the best places to embrace the Mediterranean life. If all you want to do on your holiday is to sip wine and sit by the beach, feeling the gentle breeze on your face, then Valencia is perfect for you. The people in Valencia are laid back and informal and thus making it an excellent place for you to sit back and relax. Located on the East Coast of Spain, Valencia has a lot of exciting things for you to explore.


The following are some of the things you did not know about Valencia.

Paella is originally from Valencia:

Most of us think that Paella is quite a popular in Spain and would have tasted it when we visited Spain. But unless you have eaten Paella in Valencia itself you can’t say that you have relished the real stuff. Paella is far more than just a meal to the Spaniards, and you must try it out if you happen to go to Valencia.

Valencia has Europe’s largest urban park:

The river Turia flooded the city in the year 1957 and covered the city up to a depth of 3 meters, and some of the stains on the walls can still be seen.  Right now it is a park, and it runs for several kilometers between the city. It is the best place to hire a bike and go for a ride. You can also find sports facilities and children’s park.

Valencia is the city of arts and science:

The City of arts and science is a brilliant architectural complex, and it has an aquarium, planetarium, science museum and a convention center. The blue waters that surround the building can be drained in very less time, and that area is used for space exhibition, horse show jumping, music concerts, etc.

Spanish is not spoken in Valencia:

Though the city is located on the east coast of Spain, the locals there do not speak Spanish. The population has an official language called the Valenciano, and it is a dialect of Catalan.

The transport network is quite confusing:

The metro used in the city is not very feasible to go around the city as the routes are designed to take you to the nearest suburbs, and if you want to go around the city, then it is best if you take a local bus. You also need to know that the buses take a circular route which means that they do not drop off and pick up at the same spot. But apart from that, the public transport is clean and neat.

It never rains in Valencia:

Rain is a bizarre event in Valencia, and if it rains in the city, the locals are shocked. The town has about 8hrs of sunshine, and thus it makes it a perfect place for tourist to visit all year round. Summers can be a bit hot, and the lowest temperature recorded during winter is around 10°C.


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