Anti-Pride 2013


“The Stonewall Revolt”. The LGTBQI community of that time, fed up with being treated vexatiously by the police and the conservative sectors of the city, rebelled. And they did not open that door asking permission from anyone, nor did they go to seek business support to mount their deed, nor did they bother to offer a “nice note of color” to the media. On the contrary, they created affinity groups with a horizontal character and played a “face-to-face” against the whole system of exclusion.  


We “resonate” with those ideals of justice and respect for diversity. And we want to take the post of that ideology, closer to the “dream of freedom and social coexistence” than this decadent oligopoly and transnational capitalism 

We want to point out the  flagrant contradiction  that represents turning this protest party into a  “parade of companies”. We feel part of this celebration that is the “Pride” but our struggle is against the yoke of capitalist and heteropatriarchal oppression.


Or is it that our whole struggle is reduced to getting legal and symbolic homologation in the hetero-normative imaginary? No, definitely, we are not the “crazy chic” who yearn to marry between opulent phrases making vows of “pink consumption.” We are not interested in being the “happening note of color” in a gossipy snob magazine, nor does it appeal to us having a dreamy honeymoon in the exotic fashionable setting. That Gay world exists, yes, as there is social insensitivity. But that LGTBQI environment totally assimilated to consumerism, does not identify us at all.  We want to be the heirs of the “revolt”, which point to the structural violence of the whole system. 


IT IS VIOLENCE: persecution against the sex workers, abortion prohibition, persecution against poverty, the prison system, the educational system, the precarious health system, psychiatric transphobia, political class and the crown.


We want to see other forms of love that have nothing to do with the traditional couple and their individualistic values. We want to live polyamory and expanded sexuality beyond gender stereotypes. Our celebration commemorates a revolt that faces the rigidity of this homophobic, misogynist and macho patriarchy. In our celebration comes the “pen,” the joy and the color, but do not enter partisan slogans or corporate brands. WE ARE A SOCIAL MOVEMENT with four decades of history, we are not the gateway of the gambling dens that profit from our leisure. We are “people of the foot”, diverse, freethinking and independent. The floats do not represent us, the symbols of economic status seem abhorrent to us, political demagogy only provokes rejection and the only aesthetic models are of no interest to us at all. 


For a struggle LGTBQI solidarity, self-managed and politically involved. For a struggle LGTBQI independent of institutions and organized horizontally. For a socially sensitive LGTBQI fight,  do not try to look away before the GREAT CAPITALIST INJUSTICE. 


On 28-J we have celebrated 44 years since the memorable revolt and today, more than ever, we have reasons to recover the original character of our struggle, which is first and foremost a struggle for “social justice” in the full and comprehensive sense of expression . 


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