Enhancement. On the arrest of the anarchists in Sabadell and the media, judicial and police terrorism


From early hours of yesterday morning some anarchists are quite anxious to know who the detainees are, since we have no knowledge of who they are or what exactly they are accused of. According to the press they are “members” of the anarchist group Bandera Negra, of which we also had no knowledge of their existence and of which we have only found that they have a Facebook page.
The truth is that the arrests do nothing more than materialize a situation that we already saw some come. In recent weeks they have been sporadically appearing in virtual press articles (Cadena Ser, Europa Press, etc.) on anarchists, making an ensaladilla of matters that do not keep a real relation, but that serve to create a propitious situation for a coup like this . And there are a few colleagues who have manifested through articles about it in blogs, pages and

“Enhancing terrorism”, the media said. But they do not mention the terrorism that the same afternoon of the arrests took to a young person of 30 years of Sant Carles de la Ràpita to burn to the bonzo in front of the City council of the city, do not mention like terrorism to the situation that took to a man of Murcia to commit suicide waiting for an eviction the day before the detentions of Sabadell, but prefer to talk about anarchist terrorists, they prefer to channel their opinion on the widespread discontent that makes thousands of young people no longer believe in established “political solutions” (see the ridiculous article of La Vanguardia on the same day of the arrests “Some 12,000 people belong to violent bands in Spain” in which it puts in the same bag anarchists, Lating King and fascist bands).

“Exaltation of terrorism” say the judges. But they do not mention the terror created by the application of their increasingly hard laws against the poor and the criminal hardening that this year increases penalties (many of them related to the protests). They prefer to continue with their terror and to evict families, to condemn hard the poverty and the protest, to attack those who fight against this System that suffocates and oppresses.

“Enhancement of terrorism,” police said. But they do not mention the terror generated by their rubber balls and their gases, their arrogance and their sticks. His complicity with neo-Nazi and fascist groups here, in Germany, in Russia and elsewhere.

At the moment we do not even know the names of the detainees, only (and according to the press also) that tomorrow they will pass in the National Audience before the judge Santiago Pedraz, our new Garzón. This character, who is an ecologist and progre is the ring that suits the current situation, what could be called as a centaur judge: while deciding not to prosecute De Juana Chaos for opinion articles and files the case for the siege to the Congress in Madrid stating that “it is necessary to agree that it is not possible to prohibit praising or defending ideas or doctrines, even if they depart or even call into question the constitutional framework”, signed the sentence against thirty-three accused persons to belong to Jarrai, Segi and Haika and sends to arrest anarchists by exaltation of the terrorism.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we assume that just like his predecessor Baltasar will applaud and encourage torture here and now while condemning repression in Tibet and interrogating Guatemalan dictators.

Waiting for more news about our colleagues, we call for solidarity with them. We know that the investigation is open and that there are more arrests in the same area (this time in Terrassa and Cerdanyola).

Freedom to the anarchists!


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