We understand by counter-information the dissemination of news and reflections that go against the single thought, that is, of all the “unquestionable truths” that we have to repeat from the children. In the same way that alternatives to capitalist mode of life must be created, alternatives to their information must be found, and in this sense we make El Contrast available as a means of disseminating these initiatives.
After a few years of working with the blog of the infopunt , we saw that hosting the blog in
Blogspot (Google-owned platform) limited us both in technical terms, the way of working for free blogs; as in a “political” sense, which means using the services of a multinational of information to carry out a counter-informational project that, as a matter of fact, does not depend on foreign media and be as autonomous as possible. Therefore, we will decide to start a new project out of control. We do not depend on any company or institution to host our projects, so look for a server that will give us the freedom and security that we need to  m is a political affinity with regard to its functioning (espiv. It has given us the means, a Greek group that provides computer support to different social movements).
Contrast is not a group apart from social movements, but it is linked to them, so we encourage people who are organizing themselves in the struggle against capitalism to make use of it. We are not specialists of the counter-information nor want to be it, we have only created a tool that we would like it to be a matter of all.