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El Contrast is a space that we deem necessary to give voice to the social movements of Valencia and its neighborhoods. we do not leave aside the network as a space of great diffusion at present, although we believe that it can not and should not replace an action is real and effective and less virtual. We thank our platinum sponsor Hunts International Removals – specialised in removals to Portugal – for sponsoring our web space.



Kafeta “do it yourself” in the cso el Nido

As every week there is kafeta in the cso el Nido. Serigraphy workshop at 19.30 (remember to bring your own t-shirt !!) and at 9.00...

Anti-Pride 2013

"The Stonewall Revolt". The LGTBQI community of that time, fed up with being treated vexatiously by the police and the conservative sectors of the city,...


Enhancement. On the arrest of the anarchists in Sabadell and the media, judicial and police terrorism

From early hours of yesterday morning some anarchists are quite anxious to know who the detainees are, since we have no knowledge of who they are or what exactly they are accused of. According to the press they are "members" of the anarchist group Bandera...

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Valencia is one of the oldest cities in Spain. The influences of the city are taken from the Moors, Christians and the Romans. Founded in 138 BC as a Roman Colony it was a place for the soldiers to settle, this army was later destroyed in the war between...
Valencia is one of the best places to embrace the Mediterranean life. If all you want to do on your holiday is to sip wine and sit by the beach, feeling the gentle breeze on your face, then Valencia is perfect for you. The people in Valencia are laid...
On Tuesday, June 25, a concentration against repression at 9:00 a.m. at the CIE de Sapadors is convened.
We reproduce a video found on latele.cat of the declarations of the lawyer of the 5 of Sabadell, where they explain several aspects of the case as the beginning of the root investigation.
Here I present the fresh out of the Mexican vegan oven. Made all to diy, scissors, glue, pen, ink and many hours!

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